Passagemaker - bulkhead fit

With the happy help of a few of my grandchildren I fairly quickly stitched together the port and starboard #1 and #2 hull panels.  Only then did I discover that the stitching was apparently way too tight to accommodate the forward and aft bulkheads.  I am now I. The process of loosening  the stitches and trying to shape the angles of the hull panels to the bottom and sides of the bulkheads.  It is proving to be a long and frustrating process with a lot of trial and error and I'm wondering if there are any tricks in getting this step accomplished?

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RE: Passagemaker - bulkhead fit

I think I had the same experience last summer stitching mine together. I was wqorried about running out of wire, but I ended up with plenty of extra copper wire when I was done stitching. So in hindsight, I'd suggest just snipping the too tight wires and stitching it again, a little on the loose side. As the hull all comes together, it's fairly easy to tighten it a little more as and where needed.

Savor this part of the building too - it's incredibly cool seeing how all those flat boards pull themselves into a boat shape.

RE: Passagemaker - bulkhead fit


   I did go thru and loosen many of the stitches but still had problems.  I then realized I had put some support under the middle when I had to leave the boat for a few days and forgot to remove it when I returned.  Consequently the boat wasn't "sagging " nearly as much as intended.  I don't understand the geometry but when the restored the sag by lowering the center support the hull opened up and pretty much accommodated the bulkheads without a lot of additional effort.  I guess there is usually  a reason behind most of the instructions - even when unstated.


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