Skim coat & preparing to glass

Based on a previous discussion here (, I am going to apply a skim coat to my Skerry before glassing. A couple of questions:

1) I'm planning to mix 3-4 oz. batches of epoxy for the skim coat. I understand that the coat should be quite thin, not glassy. I am guessing that pouring the epoxy onto the wood and then rolling it out will result in inconsisent coverage. So my thought is to pour the epoxy onto a pan and then pick up the epoxy from there, with the roller. Or is pouring onto the wood going to work?

2) I have applied epoxy with silica between the frames and the planks, and I need to prepare the surface for the skim coat and glassing. So I pretty much have to remove the wires that bound the frames at this point, is that right?

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