Waterlust's Developments

I seldom see much here with the Waterlust expedition canoe as the subject, so I thought it'd be a good time to put something up here to the benefit of interested individuals.

Several kits have been completed and launched both here in the US as well as in some Eurpoean countries.

A Very Active thread is in progress (as of today it's up to 31 pages!) over on a forum hosted by the good folks over at Fyne Boats in the UK. (They make an easier task of posting images so if you're interested in seeing what's being done with this particular CLC design I trust you'll be well rewarded pointing your browser-of-choice to that forum's thread!)

And as for my project? After some 18 months a'building I'm almost - almost - ready to lauch! Just not quite there yet....

Couple of recent high points:

CLC's addition of an ama/aka kit to improve stability when under sail;

One builder using the mizzen alone, with its mast mounted in the rear-most mainmast pocket, effectively to 'de-power' the sailing rig when conditions suggest it would be less adventurous than otherwise! Here's a nice video he's posted to show just how well this actually works!

More to come....


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