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Never did this routing thing before and am kind of pleased i did not screw the whole project to hell.  I routed the board after doing a couplenpractice runs on spare wood and its an average hole but not perfect.  Something i didnt account for was the compass rose not sitting flush in the inset.  See photos above.  My orig plan was to route then epoxy glue then glass it.  The issue if the hole isnt perfect and the thing isnt flush.  Now im not quite aure how to get it flush and flat.  The other end is gonna be dancing bears From the GD ...this was gonna be one big epoxy job.  

now im thinking just over pour the epoxy into the cavity with the compass rose.  Once it is dry-sand accordingly.  Then fiberglass tomorrow?  Maybe set a book atop the rose with parchment to achieve flat?  And will this pouring method eliminate the uneven edges aesthetic / visual disturbance?




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