Andersen self bailer

Anyone have experience installing an Andersen automatic bailer in a CLC sailboat? I've considered one for my Peapod but the hull is so thin. 



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RE: Andersen self bailer

I installed two of them in my Goat Island Skiff.  The GIS hull is 6mm Okoume and I used the version on the bailer that is flush mount on the outside.  The actual installation was easy.  You will need to mount the bailer on a flat area where you can easily reach it.  Ideally not someplace where your feet will be because they have some sharp edges.  I selected the area under the middle seat but finding the right spot on your boat may be harder because of the floorboards.

On open boats like the GIS or Peapod, the bailer will be of limited value after a capsize because because the boat can't go fast enough when completely swamped.  On the GIS, I bail down to a couple of inches remaining then let the bailers empty the rest.  The bailer also work well getting rid of liquid sunshine and make a good drain when washing the boat on the trailer. 

Bigger picture so hopefully you can see more detail.


RE: Andersen self bailer

   Thanks Mark,

I'm seeing the min thickness for a hull is .25" so I may need to build up the hull on the inboard side to keep the bailer flush on the bottom underside. I do have some extra okoume and it should not add that much. I sailed a Snipe for years with a similar bailer and it worked well.

How did you decide where the optimum place for the drain was in the boat? My Snipe had a hole cut in the floorboard and I could do the same with the Peapod.

Thanks so much for the pictures of the GIS. I have a friend building one right now and I'll pass along this forum message for inspiration!




RE: Andersen self bailer

   I'm installing an Andersen super mini on my Viola 14 build, which has a bottom only 4 mm thick. The bailer comes with two thicknesses of rubber gaskets which, when ganged together, bring the bailer totally flush with the outside of the hull.  I don't believe you will have to build up your hull thickness at all. Just remember to seal the cut plywood edges with at least 3 coats of epoxy and use the drill-fill-drill method for the bolt holes. 

RE: Andersen self bailer

I agree with Peter that it is unlikely that you will have to add any depth.

I choose that location on the GIS for two reasons.  First, the Goat has a lot of rocker and that location has the max depth when the boat is floating on its water line.  Secondly, they are under the seat where it won't get stepped on.

Looking at the Peapod, I'd probably go with one each side of the C/B trunk.  The hole in the floorboards is a good idea.

I agree that Anderson bailers are very effective in racing dinghys like your Snipe and the Laser 2 that I owned/raced for a decade.  They work well because those boats are fast and are designed to ship minimal water during a capsize.  Your Peapod will not be that fast, so the bailer will be less effective.  Secondly, the Peapod will take on a crap-ton of water when you right it which will make it even slower.  My GIS is likely a bit faster than the Peapod and it won't sail fast enough swamped for the bailer to have any real impact.  I find that a couple of minutes bailing with a canvas bucket gets the boat moving again so the the bailers can finish the job.    


RE: Andersen self bailer

 Pete and Mark,

Thanks for the insight from both of you. I did not know about the rubber gaskets and im pleased I won't have to add wood. Yes, the Peapod is not that fast which would facilitate the exit of water via the bailer. Unfortunately the floorboards cover much of the bottom of the boat (7 ' average each) and would easily block 3+ gallons I esitmate from a bucket bailer or big sponge.  Hence the thought of the Andersen system Well guys, I'll give it all some thought. The floorboard are removeable so maybe just some sailing at first is in order before I modify anything.

Best Regards


RE: Andersen self bailer

Dean,  I actually think that a bailer is a great idea for your boat.  I just wanted to make sure that you are not expcting too much from it.


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