Kaholo attachment

I want to attach a handle at the bow of my Kaholo and make a leash attachment point on the transom. There is essentially no access to the inside of the board other than through the storage deck plate which is not near either location. Does anyone have any suggestions besides just epoxing something (what?) to the board?  Thanks, Barry

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RE: Kaholo attachment

There is a hardwood bow block under the deck in the front 6-7" of the deck, so you can use wood screws there.  I mounted a brass eye strap so I could have a bow line, but a toggle style kayak handle could also be attached to an eye strap (Chesapeake Light Craft » Simple Kayak Handles - Toggles » Chesapeake Light Craft | Boat Plans, Boat Kits, Boatbuilding Supplies, Boat Kit, Kayak Kit, Canoe Kit, Sailboat Kit (clcboats.com)).

For the leash, I used an XS loop from Ropeye.  Harkin used to carry them but I am not sure that they still do.  The XS gues to the unvarnished deck with thickened epoxy.  Another option would be wood screws into the shear clamp on one side.  


RE: Kaholo attachment

   Thanks. My sister in law built it about 8 years ago so I don't have info on where backing is and your post helps with that. I'm concerned about screwing into the wood but I suppose I could put the screws in then take them out and put in some unthickened epoxy and replace the screws. There doesn't seem to be a US supplier for the ropeye padeye. 

RE: Kaholo attachment

 Ropeye marine hardware is available in the US through Offshore Spar Store. 

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