Polish Pettit EZPoxy?

I'm ready for to lay down 4 coats of Pettit EZPoxy on the bottom of my Peapod. I did a test on the rudder...roll and tip gave a decient finish but can I get more shine? Anyone have experience polishing single part polyurethane paint?


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RE: Polish Pettit EZPoxy?

   3M finesse it Marine polish . Do it by hand


RE: Polish Pettit EZPoxy?

I'll play the contrarian: the fish don't care.

Unless you're racing or planning to put it in a museum, why would you polish the bottom of any boat? It's going to get scratched in handling and/or marine growth. I don't see the point.


RE: Polish Pettit EZPoxy?

   Thanks PP. Looks like the 3M product has rave reviews. Keep you updated on my progress. 



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