protective Graphite/Epoxy strip


Does anyone have experience with a protective graphite strip on the forward  bottom edge of boats? I saw this on a LT Peapod but can't find guidelines on how to do it. 

What is a good graphite powder/epoxy ratio?

One thick coat or multiple layers?

Before or after hull paint?

Thank you for any help.


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RE: protective Graphite/Epoxy strip

If this is what you're looking for, CLC sells a kit here. The free instructions that answer your questions are here.



RE: protective Graphite/Epoxy strip

   Thank you Laszlo. Have you installed these on any of your boats? I expect my Peapod to have "normal" use launching from the trailer on ramps, with only the rare occasional beach landing. I dread the thought of scratches on the skeg and bottom of the hull, but on the other hand the strip is unsightly and may affect performance.

Any opinions?


RE: protective Graphite/Epoxy strip


I have installed the CLC rub strip kit on about five kayaks.  With a little care masking off the area, I don't think that the strips are unsightly at all.  Other than a little extra weight, there is not performance impact.  Another product that I have used is KeelEazy.  it is not as robust as the CLC rub strip but is easier to apply and can be easily removed and replaced when it gets worn.  Here is the CLC kit on three boats.

This is KeelEazy


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