Please help…

I posted yesterday (link here) title those were there last night. Well I drove to my vacation spot roof top carrying the newly completed board and when I put it down in the sun it got a lot worse.  There were NO bubbles that I could see where this problem occurred. There are now significant bubbles under the varnish all over the deck.

I would at least like to try out my board but not at the potential expense of permanante damage, irreversible damage to the board.  I am concerned that the best solution will involve significant work to get a nice finish again. 

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RE: Please help…

   I think I need more pictures!

I feel for you, what the heck is happening.

that said, it was 1 month between the completion and first launching of my skerry. In that time I found many faults. some of which you mentioned here in the last two posts.

1.) I don't think there will be irreparable harm, from the last post it seems that you have plenty of varnish over it, so you should be good.

2.) it seems that there might have been an issue with the epoxy and fibreglass. I've only done one boat so I am not an expert when it comes to wood/fibre/epoxy bonding, but I have seen similar issues with carbon. I think that the mixture for the first set may have been to heavy and that the fibreglass floated on the epoxy. good news is that this should not be a major problem to the structure, bad news is that it will be seen until you sand down and build back up.

Without seeing what the exact issue is I can only give so much help, but you should be safe to go out on the water with what you have stated.

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