Sanding epoxy and painting

After almost a year of construction, I am now getting closer to painting. I have a few questions and would be grateful for any advice.

When sanding down the expoxy, how smooth does it need to be? I so far done one additional coat of expoxy after a first round of sanding to fill the weave, but even after sanding for a while, there are still quite a few dips and imperfections. How important is it to be perfectly smooth? Is it just cosmetic? This is my first build and I want it to look reasonably nice, but doesn't need to look perfect or professional.

I saw mention in another topic the recommendation (if painting, instead of a primer) to use epoxy/phenolic microballon mix to fill the imperfections.  Is this better than just another coat of clear epoxy? 

My boat will spend most of the summer in the water, so I understand I need to use an herbicidal bottom paint for below the water line.  Any recommendations? Can I use this same paint all the way up the sides on the exterior to make life easier rather than doing a two tone paint job?

I have thought briefly about keeping the exterior bright - is this problematic due to the boat staying in the water?

So far I have gained the confidence to muddle through the instructions and mostly be able to troubleshoot issues that arise, but for some reason, the painting process is making me very nervous!

Thanks all

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RE: Sanding epoxy and painting

   1. You didn't say what you where building so information is just general. 2. How good does it have to look? wont like it if it looks bad, but if you filled the weave it can be as work boat looking as you want. I usually sand all those and fill voids. 3. Herbicidal paint.....can it be painted above the water line?....." Antifouling" paint plants and critters. It can cost $ 110 per quart. It also likes to be wet. Paint on dry hull can be less effective. But you can do it. Paint primer.

RE: Sanding epoxy and painting

   Oops, building a Jimmy Skiff II. Will attempt to share a current photo.


RE: Sanding epoxy and painting


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