Peapod - Cleats & Painter arrangements

Hello all, 

I'm in the final stages of my Pepod build and I am looking for ideas on positioning some cleates. I have purchased 3 x 4" brass cleats and was thinking of placing two on the bow, port and starboard fo centerline about 6-8" aft to avoid building a raised base or flating a base for a single cleat on centerline of breasthook which I have finally finished varnishing.

I am still unsure of the best arrangement for the transom as the cleates will interfere with the tiller. (I am building teh single lug kit witha  traditional tiller arrangement.) One option I am considering is to place the aft clea transversly across the aft seat with just forward of the aft mast partner. It will require a brass strip ont eh gunwhale each side to avoid chafe through the varnish when tied up for extended periods though.


Lastly I am thinking of installing a D-ring in the bow instead of the recommended hole with a line though it as a painter, has anyone else done this?

Any thoughts welcome.



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RE: Peapod - Cleats & Painter arrangements


I'm at the same point. What if we make use of the lovely (ugly and unused) mast partners forward and aft and cover them with some sort of cleat arrangement?

Plug the hole and build it up (think layers on a cake) to place it slightly higher in the boat. 

Make it removeable? Toss it under the seat? Brainstorming...

As for the D ring. The painter says classical but the D ring says practical. I'd  back up the D ring on the inboard side with a wedge cut to the shape of the bow, just me. D ring works well with a trailer too.





RE: Peapod - Cleats & Painter arrangements

   I have given this a lot of thought as well. I could not find a flat surface for the cleat. I bought two padeyes which I have not installed. Thinking of the outside of the rail at bow and stern as an option but not convinced. 

So for now I am just going with the painter through a hole and a stopper knot as per the manual.

Will use the boat for a while and then see if I really need anything else.

RE: Peapod - Cleats & Painter arrangements

Thanks for your feed back guys;

After a bit of a battle getting the rudder gudgeons installed and properly aligned, I found that there is no interference with the tiller if aft cleats are mounted on the gunwale at the forward end of the brest hook, so I am going to go with that option, and do a similar arrangement on the bow.


I have purchased the single ring eyebolt and a 1-1/2" D-ring to see which is best for use in the stem. I will use the boat first and then decide how to move forward. Either arrangement will require an epoxy and cellofill base for the flange to sit on and as Dean suggested a solid timber backing block on the inside (probably some left over mahogany).

Pictures to follow this week.


RE: Peapod - Cleats & Painter arrangements

   How did it go with the stem arrangement?

Where did you locate the D-ring? I have drilled a hole for the painter, not sure if two additional holes are a good idea. But also not sure if the single point of stress via the stopper knot is enough for trailering.

Did you install a backing block.


RE: Peapod - Cleats & Painter arrangements

   This is something I have been thinking about as well.

My plan is a fairlead on the bresthook (one forward and one aft).

For securing the inboard end of mooring line, anchorline, towline I think that a horn cleat on the centreboard will do the job.  There is a lot of solid wood in the spacers to take the screws.




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