Hull painting

Looking for advice on hull painting for ne dory (below waterline) want it to look nice but durability take precedence . Should I use primer and which paint would be best . At most it would occasionally spend 2 or 3 nights in the water 

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RE: Hull painting

   Since it wont be in water all they time you don't need bottom paint. Most amy marine topside paint will work fine. Priming is nice. I don't.

RE: Hull painting

Primer over epoxy before paint - any kind of paint - isn't necessary unless you want to be more proud of how your paint job looks than how it lasts.

Primer's job is to fill in minor surface imperfections that paint can't hide. Epoxy does much the same think, particularly when you've combind the resin+hardener with a filler like microballoons so it's easier to sand fair yet retains the adhesive quality of the epoxy binder.

The may be valid reasons to use a specific primer under a specific bottom paint product of your boat's going to be in the water for weeks or months. Check with the manufacturer for their recommendations in this instance.

Otherwise just do the best job you can first filling the fiberglass weave then adding another epoxy layer (or better two, maybe even three)  over the filled cloth, then sand fair. Clean well (water-wash) then paint.

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