Interlux perfection

Is going with interlux perfection 2 part paint much more difficult than the regular interlux? Should I primer ?

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RE: Interlux perfection

   Yes it is. You have to mix the 2-parts and then you're on a timer. Laying it on is a 2-person job. You have to discard your brushes after each use - just like epoxy. It's harder to sand off if you need to. And although I am much more lah-de-dah than most other posters here about health hazards, I draw the line with Perfection and always wear a charcoal filter mask.  

That said it's the only hull paint I've used. The gloss is great and the paint cures to a tough rubbery coat that is very durable and weather resistant. Somerone at CLC once told me he thought that with this paint you can leave the boat in the water all season.

 Because of the high gloss you want to have the smoothest surface possible underneath.Interlux recommends the 2-part Epoxy Primekote which is what I use.


RE: Interlux perfection

   Thanks, just the information I was after. Im going to go with the one part paint ,I'd rather touch up the paint every couple of years

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