Got my deck and hull together on my Petral Play SG.  Still long way to go.  But I do have a question about varnish.  I made a few surfboards back in the 70s and I finish with epoxy and polished it out.  I didnt use varnish.  So why is varnish recommended as final coats on Kayaks?

Is any marine varnish good...or recommendations of MFGs. 

Kayak is dark stained on deck and natural on paint

Thanks in advance for any information.

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RE: Varnish

   The varnish provides ultraviolet (UV) protection to the epoxy.  Untinted epoxy is subject to damage by UV radiation, so a boat which may spend more time in the sun than a surfboard, would need that protection more.  The epoxy will yellow and turn brownish.  Ultimately, it will start to craze and chalk.  This is why CLC and others emphasize using marine varnishes, which have UV inhibitors in them.

RE: Varnish

   In point of fact, I made some minor repairs on my big fiberglass boat using epoxy and missed a couple of places where I dripped the epoxy.  It was clear for months, but then showed up as yellowing drips on the cockpit coaming.  Very annoying!

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