Wondering if any Wood Duck 12 and/or Kahalo 12-6 owners have a transport solution they'd be willing to share. In a nutshell I'm trying to figure out the safest way to get my latest boat on my car roof. How secure are boats/SUPs with wide beams in J cradles. Cradles seem to be about the only way to get my Kahalo, WD12 and Chesapeake 17LT on my car roof simultaneously. I fear the wide boat and SUP might act like sails when on their sides especially in windy WY and CO. The WD 12 is the new boat in the equation. I've driven thousands of miles with the 17LT in cradles with the Kahalo next to it flat on the bars with a Wood Duckling riding on top of the SUP. I want to avoid this with the WD12. Thanks!

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RE: Transport

   I wouldn't have any problems carrying those three boats on my 3/4 ton truck with the rack I've got. 


For a car?  I think there is cause for a trailer. They are getting too varied in design and size. Of course you didn't tell us what the car is. 

RE: Transport

   I have a wood duck 12 and Kaholo 14 that I can carry on my SUV roof, with the wood duck in a J cradle and the Kaholo lying flat on rack pads. I've never had a problem with that set-up. However, I also have the SailRig for the wood duck, comprising two amas and akas, and couldn't carry everything at once. When I moved from California to Washington, I bought the Trailex SUT-250-M kayak and canoe trailer and was able to haul everything in one shot.  I'm glad I have it, and now prefer to use that anytime I'm bringing more than one boat to the water. 

RE: Transport

   Thank you Grumpy and Peter. Currently I own a  Pontiac Vibe that necessitates the stacking. I am definitely considering a trailer at this point especially for my annual trips to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. 

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