International CLC suppliers and Skin On Frame boats

This post has a couple different tangents that all lead to each other, so it may seem like disparate ideas at first, but bear with me. 

I've come across a couple of European CLC affiliates/kit suppliers like Fyne Boat Kits (UK) and Berger Boote (DE) that offer CLC kits in their home countries. 

I have also recently been quite taken with skin on frame boats, especially fuselage style kayaks because of their extreme ease of construction, affordability, and build time. I haven't built one, but I want to.

While on Berger Boote's youtube channel I saw a quite beautiful CNC produced skin on frame kayak being constructed and see on their website (with no English translation) that they sell kits for two different fuselage SOF kayaks. Does CLC have any access to its' European suppliers’ designs? Would CLC ever crossover into producing fuselage style SOF kayak kits? 

Lastly... I am father of two young children, working full time, so money and extra time for hobbies (like boat building) is very hard to find. However, I have access to a CNC machine at a friend’s wood shop. That coupled with the affordability, ease of construction, and short build time of a fuselage SOF boat make it an obvious direction to go in. Does anyone know of anybody that sells or provides CNC ready plans or gCode in general, and CNC ready plans for the type of SOF kayak I'm describing? 

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RE: International CLC suppliers and Skin On Frame boats

   check out cape falcon Kayaks for skin on frame.

It would be really cool if CLC and Brian could partner together so that the building lessons are done by CFK and a shipped kit is done by CLC.

I want to build a skin on frame as well, but sourcing the wood has been an issue for me.

I have a gaggle of kids as well so understand the time/hobby/money factor, that said our skerry has been getting quite a bit of time with all of us! Kayaks will make this a lot easier.

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