Sanding through Epoxy

I painted my frames with epoxy, then sanded with the ROS on the flat parts, and by hand on the edges.  Despite my best efforts, it looks like I sanded through the epoxy.  At least, the wood got considerably lighter in certain patches.

Not a big deal.  I expoxied the bare spots, trying to make the thinnest coat I could with a chip brush to minimize sags and sanding.  I sanded those spots just enough to eliminate any shiny spots in the epoxy, but it went through into the wood again.

Do I continue thin coats of epoxy and just accept that it'll take three or four attempts to coat each part?

Should I use thicker coats, and try to sand the brush strokes smooth without sanding through the previously-sanded epoxy at the border between the previous round and the new?

Can I leave minor areas without epoxy as long as I varnish over them before taking the boat out?

In some places the epoxy feels smooth, but I can still see shiny areas.  They disappear when I rub it down with denatured alcohol.  Is it okay to leave like that?

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RE: Sanding through Epoxy

   I would make just a single final pump of epoxy and lightly "paint" any sand throughs. This will ensure that the wood does not get wet which leads to problems down the line. When you paint this with epoxy, its just a film you are putting on the wood and not something that should require any more sanding.

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