Seeking Custom Overlay

Does anyone know who might be able to to produce a custom overlay?

I have seen the options available here and on the web of some various wood overlays, but I want a custom cut job.

I would assume someone out there does this, but I haven't had any luck with my search. Looking for a a thin veneer wood piece laser cut from a vector file.

Size is about 24" by 9", but it can be done in it doesn't have to be that big.

Any one have a source for something like this?



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RE: Seeking Custom Overlay

Yes, I have a source. We somehow need to exchange e-mail addresses so we can explore what might come of your desire. You have the veneer you want to use?

I've not done anything with this source but I've seen his work and have an idea of what he's capable of with the 55"x36" apparatus he's using.  

RE: Seeking Custom Overlay

Well THAT didn't work quite the way I'd hoped... sure do miss that edit button.




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