Starting Wood Duck 12 Build

Hi all - I've received my Wood Duck 12 kit and am getting ready to start the build.  I tried to get into a local class for this, but it was already full, so I'm on my own.  I'm looking for a recent video on how to build the Wood Duck.  I've already seen quite a few online that showed time-elapsed builds - entertaining, but not very informative.  I've also watched the CLC video on building a different kayak. - its good, but from reading thru the forum there seems to be a few building gotcha's that are specifc to the Wood Duck.  Any suggestions?

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RE: Starting Wood Duck 12 Build

I'd recommend that you have a look at Laszlo's web pages about building the Wood Duck. You can search the CLC forum for threads about the building process, but this one to start with --

I'm sure you know it's a terrific kayak. You'll have fun building it and you can get answers to most of your questions through the Forum.

Have fun.

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