How to patch fisheyes

I didn't do the greatest job in the world with the first cut at glassing the hull of my Shearwater Sport.  There are about a dozen and a half fisheyes caused by air bubbles.  Mostly (but not always) where there were holes from the copper wires.  The fisheyes range from a few mm in diam to dime-sized.  I've sanded them down to the wood, keeping the sanded area as small as I could.

My question is, since I'm down to wood in these little spots, does every one need a fiberglass patch, or can I just put a dab of epoxy to level them out.  I haven't filled the weave yet (except in some places where I got the epoxy too thick in the first place). 

Also, where there are 2 and 3 layers of cloth (bottom panels and keel/stern, resp), at the edges the cloth is kind of ragged.  Sand before the fill coats or after?


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RE: How to patch fisheyes

Hi Jim, 

if nothing is bigger than dime-size, just epoxy over it and fare it in.  no real need to glass patch for anything that small.  my general view is i don't think about a glass patch until i am in the bigger-than-a-square-inch space.

on the ragged edges question, i usually wait until i have fill coats in place prior to fairing glass layers in.....but if something is obviously where it shouldn't be a little head start on removing it can be helpful.   




RE: How to patch fisheyes

Thanks hspira.  I appreciate the advice.  Getting back to it today after a Christmas break...  

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