Use color inkjet for deck decal

There is an image I would like to use on my WD12.  I've seen where others have printed decals on rice paper using a carbon ink.  I was wondering if anyone had done this with colors?

The decal I would like to use is basically blue, white and black.  Just looks better with the blue.

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RE: Use color inkjet for deck decal

Most home-type inkjet printers use dye-based inks. Problem with these, for your intended purpose, is that those dyes aren't fade-resistant. Even heavily varnished, when used outdoors there's enough UV radiation that your decal will fade in time.

There are some printers that use pigmented inks that might last longer - sometimes quite a bit longer - so look for a print-for-pay place that uses those, or a friend who might have one.

No home-style printers I know of can print white ink however, so there's that too. But there are several commercial types now that use latex inks that cure by UV radiation for printing outdoor graphics. I'd look for an outfit that has this capability but whether they can print on ricepaper is the first question you need to ask.



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