Ideas for non-skid varnish?

Hello folks.

I haven't been able to find much definitive on this after much searching. Which I guess should probably answer my question. There's a post on this forum from 2017, but again, nothing certain.

i've varnished the floor and seats of my JSII and they look great. But obviously very slick. I have the pads to install and probably will, but...has anyone found any additive to varnish that they think worked well to increase friction?

I'm tempted to try SoftSand (beige) from Jamestown Distributors although it's specified particularly for paint.

Again, looking for definitive results rather than speculation. Thanks!


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RE: Ideas for non-skid varnish?

   I used the non-skid product by Rustoleum intended to apply on epoxy garage flooring...$8. It's faily fine and doesn't have any color that shows. I can't report on how well it holds up as I just completed my Peapod.

Do some tests to see if you like the results.



RE: Ideas for non-skid varnish?

   Thanks Dean. Look at the Rustoleum site I'm assuming you're talking about the product called 'Clear Grip'?

RE: Ideas for non-skid varnish?

   MIne says. Anti-Skid Additive. "For use with concrete floor coatings" 

Lowes and Home Depot had it where you buy the epoxy floor coating kits. 


RE: Ideas for non-skid varnish?

   Gotcha. This is what I'm looking at and will swing by store today. Says apply on final coat only, which for me should be this weekend. I'll report back...



RE: Ideas for non-skid varnish?

I made some test samples, and IIRC, ended up using Interlux Intergrip.

A System3 product was much more agressive than what I wanted; I know I didn't use that.

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