Hot and Wet Chesapeake 17

Hello from Guam in the western Pacific!

I am looking to build my first kayak and eventually the Sail rig for use around Guam.  It is my first boat build and will start with a Chesapeake 17.  

My plan is to build outside in the heat and humidity in an open garage with a roof.  It is closed on two sides.  I have read up on epoxy and plan on painting the hull and varnishing the deck.  Currently, it is "dry season".  Air temps are typically between 77F to 85F.  Humidity is usually around 80% but this coming week ranges from 69%- 96%.  

I intend to keep the build tucked away from rain but I would expect some mist to get in.  I can cover the build with a tarp but that may screw up curing and drying.  Thoughts?

Any issues I may not be thinking about?  

PS, my wife won't let me build in the living room.


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RE: Hot and Wet Chesapeake 17

Hi Chuy, 

it can be done, but you need to be careful about rain or condensation actually getting on the wood/epoxy surface when the epoxy is not fully cured.

a good discussion of this question about humidity can be found at this link:

i would also check-in with your epoxy manufacturer to see what recommendations they have.  there are often formula variations that are tailored to different working in places that are hot/humid.

based on what you are saying above, sounds like the humidity is more of a concerns compared to temperature.   but i think you should be able to get it done as long as you take precautions to keep it from getting wet through rain or condensation.  on condensation, fwiw, a fan may be the trick.  its hard to get condensation if the air is moving.



RE: Hot and Wet Chesapeake 17

   Very good thank you!

RE: Hot and Wet Chesapeake 17

   Not much different than Florida spring and fall. Summers are hotter. With regards to humidity it changes as the day progresses. For example here in winter we might have 40 degrees at sunrise with 100% and 75-80 with 50% by lunch time. So look for patterns and do those sensitive Athens when conditions are improving.

RE: Hot and Wet Chesapeake 17

   Thanks, Grumpy!  It gets "down to" 76F at night and can be 86F during the day.  

RE: Hot and Wet Chesapeake 17

   From my perspective you havens pretty good conditions.

RE: Hot and Wet Chesapeake 17

   I used to live in PCB, FL at Tyndall, AFB.  We do get upper 90s heat index!

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