Northeaster Dory Flotation Modifications

If anyone in interested, here are some pictures of some flotation modifications I did to my dory recently after reviewing the Northeaster Dory camp cruising article.  I used 48L optimist dinghy flotation bags and 50mm nylon webbing to hold them in place.  I glued some pine blocks onto the hull to give the screws something to grip.  Also added a couple of pics of the Kapitea Reservoir in Westland, NZ where I took it fishing recently.



Northeaster Dory Pics

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RE: Northeaster Dory Flotation Modifications

Looks great. More or less exactly how I'd do it if my itinerary was over the horizon in a Northeaster Dory.

I posted a few of your photos; the whole collection is here.

Northeaster Dory

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