Attaching oar lock risers

Quick question. Chester Yawl    I have thickened epoxied the oar lock risers to the gunnels, do I need to use any mechanical fasteners ? Will be using a a sliding seat.  
i did spacered  inwales but I used a longer spacer so the entire oar lock is supported 

Thanks for any advice 

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RE: Attaching oar lock risers

   While we're at it  is there something better than a drill bit for the 11/16 oar lock hole?

RE: Attaching oar lock risers

   I use Forstner bits with a piece of wood clamped underneath but I don't own a drill press so the angle didn't end up perfect.  I just used epoxy thicked with silica and so far they've held up. I tie a line from the bottom of the oar lock to the inwale incase it ever goes overboard

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