Dealing with stripped screws

I just installed the first set of rails on my Skerry. Well, almost. The manual says to put in two #8 screws, through the rails on each side, bow and stern. Some of these will be removed later.

I managed to get one of the screws partway in, and stripped. It is protruding maybe 1/4" from the surface of the rail.

How do I proceed?

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RE: Dealing with stripped screws

   You might be able to grip the stub with locking pliers and slowly ease it out

RE: Dealing with stripped screws

   Like Kevin said.  Vise grip it very tight and will back right out 

RE: Dealing with stripped screws

   Just in case the normal cause of stripped screw is too small diameter of drill bit or too shallow of predrill. ( ie...not deep enough) 

RE: Dealing with stripped screws

When performing operations like you've described (light scantlings being 'stressed' into position) it's helpful having a clamp or two handy. Use 'em to bring things into position, under more control than simply by hand-power alone, then install the screws when they're not doing anything but being driven into place.

Asking screw threads to do all the work of holding stressed bits in position while also being driven home is asking for stripped screws whether pilot holes are properly sized or not.

Clamps are your friend: stronger than your fingers, reliable 24/7/365 & don't get tired.


RE: Dealing with stripped screws

Thanks everyone, a vise grip did the trick.

Grumpy: A too-shallow drill was indeed the problem. Still getting used to countersink drill bits.

spclark: Yes, I did try to do too much at once. This was at the bow, and the clamps were not large enough to accommodate the breast hook. Next time I'll know, just get bigger clamps.

I may have even gone overboard on clamps elsewhere:

RE: Dealing with stripped screws


This is one pastime with a truism that 'you can never have enough clamps' is indeed the level truth.

(I'm envious of your luck at getting images to appear here., Mine's not been so good but I'll try again with this:)


 My Waterlust's aka under fabrication a few days ago.

RE: Dealing with stripped screws

Better I hope.  

RE: Dealing with stripped screws

   spclark: I was able to see the photo by cutting/pasting the url (the second one) into a browser.

When you post the image, do you use the special image button? When editing a message, it is the button to the left of the question mark, in the toolbar above the edit window. Put the link in the box labeled URL, and it should then show the photo in the message itself.

RE: Dealing with stripped screws

Thanks geophile, I'll try that the next time I stick my neck out posting an image w/o an edit button close by.

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