PMD - daggerboard trunk

after manystarts and stops i started assembling the centerboard trunk and discovered that one side is pretty badly warped.  Is there a relaively easy fix for this?  Im not sure that lots of glue and clamps alone will straighten it out and am concerned that if the inside is too narrow the daggerboard may bind.  Thoughts?  Thanks.  Bruce

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RE: PMD - daggerboard trunk

   Not sure how to fix the daggerboard trunk, but the daggerboard does fit in the trunk with room to spare. It's not a real close fit. 

RE: PMD - daggerboard trunk

 You might try some gentle heat (maybe a heat lamp) on the warped side with some pressure to push it back in the right direction.  A bicycle tire tube stuffed in the case and then gently inflated might do the trick, given some time.


RE: PMD - daggerboard trunk

Just as a follow up, I contacted CLC and they kindly sent a replacement.  Now good to go - until the next question.  Thanks.   Bruce

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