which grit to sand with

Hello all, I was called away unexpectedly while in the middle of doing the fill coats on my kayak. I have 2 fill coats on and will put 2 more on but I realize the window for a chemical bond has passed. What is the best grit to use to rough up the surface without removing to much epoxy. I assume this just a quick scuff sand by hand? Any suggestions welcome ,Thanks


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RE: which grit to sand with

   The short answer is "yes" to all the grits when it comes to sanding.

Start by looking at the back of the label of the epoxy you are using, I have a thing of MAS near me and it states to sand with 100.

I have found for fillets that a rougher grit will be better, however if you are A.) looking to not remove much material and B.) likely to sand over "pretty" areas then you will want to go in the middle range of grit.

the range of 100-220 grit will likely be what you are looking for. 120 will take more material and might cause swirls. 220 will take a bit, but have a nicer finish. Too fine and you will not get a good bond.

I personally would be very exact on fillets with a 40 grit scuffing up by hand a few times.

If you are doing the pretty parts then I would stick to 120 and just go real light with it.

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