noisy oarlocks

The oarlocks on the rowing unit in my expedition wherry seem to be making an awful racket when I am rowing. I don't recall them being quite so squeaky. Now when people turn their heads I am not sure if I am getting admiring looks or the stink-eye.
The boat has been in a boathouse where I did a lot of sanding of epoxy so this might be a factor. I am unable to tell exactly where the sound is coming from but I think it is the posts. I will try disassembling and cleaning but am wondering if I shouldn't apply a little white grease when I reassemble. Anyone else have this issue? 

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RE: noisy oarlocks

   Took my NED out for its first row and noticed same thing.  Gonna try some paraffin first.

RE: noisy oarlocks

   I think I may have figured this out and think the noise is not coming from the oarlock at all. There is a rubber washer where there stern stay attaches to the outer end of the rigger wing. On both sides of my unit this washer is compressed and deformed and there there appears to be metal rubbing on metal. This may have been due to overtightening on my part. I am hoping it is not poor rowing technique! I will take it apart and replace the washer and see if that dampens the din. I'd hate to add grease as I'm sure it will collect dirt. 

RE: noisy oarlocks

   Instead of grease, wrapping electrical or duct tape around the post of the oarlock sometimes helps.  

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