Foil Boat

Watched a leg of the Sail GP race recently. Crazy the speed and different sailing techniques used for thos huge foil boats. Saw a Moth design that used a foil to fly. Really fast. Anybody seen a foil boat design available to build at home? Thinking the folks at CLC will rig up a jimmy skiff or other eventually (hint, hint), but was wondering what was out there. Stay well.

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RE: Foil Boat

Oh, I can imagine this on many CLC type boats with dagger boards.  Essentially, instead of a straight dagger board that is inserted from the top, one would have a T shaped dagger board that is inserted from the bottom.  The wings would have to be shaped for lift and somehow secured to the boat - pined through the daggerboard trunk - possibly.  While I can dream of this in my head, in reality all I can picture are capsizes and instability and sturctural failure.  Good luck!.

Everyone always wants to go faster, but I think this guy has it right...



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