Cocktail class racer engine

 Not sure if it's allowed over there, but does anyone have any experience in putting carbon reeds in the 8 hp outboards and seen any appreciable gains. Currently getting 23 knots on a yamaha 8 with an 8,1/2 prop, 9' pitch just gave slower hole shot

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RE: Cocktail class racer engine

Carbon (fiber) valve reeds eh? Wonder if something along that line would benefit my venerable '70's era Craftsman 2 cylinder air compressor?

Yah I know it's OT but I never had / expect to have an outboard of any kind so I thought I'd ask....

RE: Cocktail class racer engine

   The CCWBRA does not allow any mods to engines for racing.  The 8-hp CCRs in race trim typically run over 26 knots.  Many racing 8s in the US are Tohatsus - they have a larger displacement than other 8s.

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