HIN (Hull Identification Number)

Hi, I have explored gettimng an HIN for my peapod.  in MA, boats under 14' with no motor do not need to be registered.  But USCG wants all boats to have an HIN, as well as I suppose insurance and mooring reasons.  But its kind of a catch 22 at the momnet, as I have to fill out a form with HIN on it in order to get HIN.  Also, on the interwebs I saw a page (not sure if it is accurate) that kit boats are not "home made" boats, and as such the manufacturer of the kit must provide HIN. 
I will ask CLC direclty this week, but just wondering if people bother with HIN's on their small boats, and if so, how they got them.  I realize each state is different.


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RE: HIN (Hull Identification Number)

For me it depends on the state laws, how I acquired the boat and how I plan to store the boat. If my state doesn't require a particular boat to be registered, if I built it myself and it lives on my property I don't bother with a HIN. In that case there's no 3rd party requiring identification for insurance (I self insure) or other purposes.

My boat that I bought complete and keep at a marina has a HIN even though as a purely wind and muscle-powered boat it's not required to be registered with this state. (You wouldn't believe the fuss that caused with the marina. The resolution is that I now have a copy of the pertinent state regulations as a permanent part of my file with the marina.) The HIN is there because it came from another state with different requirements and because the marina requires insurance which requires a HIN.

So I view it as situational and act accordingly. Enjoy your new peapod, it's a real sweet boat.




RE: HIN (Hull Identification Number)

   In NC boats under 14' without a motor need not be registered. When I go to register my Peapod they will accept the HIN I create, CLC provided or NC will provide one. They have a handout that details the location, size and font BTW.

An HIN afixed to the boat is a good idea in the case of theft. One more way to identify it is your boat.

Seems like I saw a serial number on the CLC shipping paperwork


RE: HIN (Hull Identification Number)

CLC will supply a HIN on request for a boat built from one of their kits.


RE: HIN (Hull Identification Number)

   Thanks everybody!  Turns out on my very first original invoice from CLC there was a HIN listed, although when I look at invoices online I don't see it.  CLC was very helpful in finding it for me. 
For those in similar situations, if you buy a kit with all/most of the supplies (like most CLC kits) the manufacturer provides a HIN.  If you build a "plans only" boat, save your reveipts for supplies, as you have to talk to your state about getting a HIN, which may prove more difficult and/or expensive.  In MA, I would be taxed on supplies, at least supplies I can't prove I already paid taxes on.  So now I feel even better about my CLC shipping costs as an out of state (MD) buyer, I didn't pay sales tax, so it was a wash on shipping costs/vs tax costs.
Also, someone else here on the forums lists an ingenious way to permenently install a HIN by using rubber stamps in epoxy so it becomes a permenent part of the boat.  Too late for me, but I found a tastful small stainless steel plaque on the bays of e that should do just fine.

RE: HIN (Hull Identification Number)

NateC keyed in "Also, someone else here on the forums lists an ingenious way to permenently install a HIN by using rubber stamps in epoxy so it becomes a permenent part of the boat."

Yep, t'was me.

It's (relatively) easy, and cheap enough if all you need to buy is the rubber stamp 'mold' for your HIN inlay.

Idea is: you make an epoxy casting of your rubber stamp HIN. Then inlay that casting into a shallow, routed- or chiselled-out depression in your hull panel where Your Relevant Authority expects to find it. Either the starboard side of a conventional transom or at a point not far from the stern of a double-ender, in its sheerstrake. Has to be above the waterline so under the rubrail is where I put mine, about 18" from the stern on my Waterlust.

I'm no adept at posting pics here so I'll leave Interested Parties to turn their Browser of Choice to my FyneBoats forum post from back in 2020:




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