Add interor lash points

Want to strap camping gear securely to the inside of the 4 mm planking of my Passagemaker Dinghy. Looking for ways to add attachment points to the thin planking that are strong enough to hold heavy gear in place, but won't become annoying obstacles in the cockpit when they're not being used. Tried various keyword without success. Anything tried and true that will fit my bill? Thanks! 

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RE: Add interor lash points

Maybe something soft to kneel on, like dyneema loops fiberglassed to the planking?

RE: Add interor lash points

Check out the Ropeye products.  They are not cheap but applied to a properly prepared surface they are very strong. 

For kayak deck rigging, I use the carbon eyestraps which are the least expensive.  The problem is that they could be crushed if stepped on.  The XS and XXS can't be crushed so maybe a better option. 

I install prior to varnish with epoxy thickened with Cab-o-sil.  If the area is already varnished, you will have to sand that off first.

Looks like Offshore Spar Store has them in stock in the USA.

Pict below shows 4 XS used to create secure attachment for a hydration bladder in one of my race boats.


Here is close-up of a XS used for a paddle lease attach point on my wife's SUP.

Here are the eye straps used for deck rigging on the SUP.

RE: Add interior lash points

Gorgeous boats, Mark! Thanks for your help.

The Ropeyes look great, but I'd need a lot of them and I'm kind of cheap. Going to perform some DIY experiments to see what might work. Wondering if those D-ring patches that can be glued to inflatables would also work on epoxy coated wood.

RE: Add interor lash points

Hey OY, I've just the ticket for you here. It's my DYI version of low profile lowdown tiedowns...

Click the thumbnails and read the captions for my process or invent your own.

...But Mark's solutions are always prettier.

RE: Add interor lash points

Overwhelmed by the beautiful craftsmanship. Again. Will never match that. Thanks. But to follow up on my earlier post, it looks like West System G/Flex epoxy will attach just about anything to anything, including those D ring patches for inflatable boats. Almost too good to be true?

RE: Add interor lash points

I know that epoxy does not adhere well to plastic.  I would experiment with the D ring patches on a piece of scrap before putting them on the boat. 

For Silver Salt, that is a good idea and much cheaper than my approach.  I wish that I has added a couple rails like that inside the bow of my Goat.   

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