Trailex trailer models

Hey folks, 

Does anyone know the difference between the standard Trailex SUT-250-S and the Trailex SUT-250-SCLCT version that's only available through CLC?  The latter is a quite a bit more expensive, but in looking at pictures I'm not seeing any obvious difference, though there must be something.

I'll be using it to tow and launch a Lake Union Swift (same hull shape as the Tenderly) and want to know if I can save a few bucks, or if the CLC version has features that I'll regret not having.


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RE: Trailex trailer models

At casual look the CLC version may be a bit different in length (CLC flavor's 15' long where the stock 250-S is 12'-8") and features the new torsion axle suspension over simple leaf springs of the 250-S model I have. Aluminum fenders too on CLC product, plastic on Trailex's.

There's rumor too that Trailex is dropping 8" wheels in favor of 12".

Mine came with 8's and I should have known when I ordered it I'd feel better with 12's. I ended up ordering 12's with radial tires (the 8's has bias-ply) that I've been quite happy with after two seasons' use. 8's simply put too many RPM's onto the wheel bearings to suit my comfort level. Opting for 12's on a Trailex model will set you back another $132 so there's that.

I'm trailering a 17' Waterlust canoe, about three feet extend behind the axle frame, maybe two feet past the tongue's rear end where the last roller's mounted.. Added a 'third eye' taillight that plugs into the wiring harness then hangs off the upper rudder gudgeon, also added some extensions to the axle frame that carry additional side marker lights at the back to alert others of the overhang.That may not be legal in some states but where I am it's considered an appropriate modification.

Were I a current buyer I'd want to know how the extra length is achieved and what that does to tongue weight, a Very Important Consideration when towing a loaded trailer with a smaller vehicle.



RE: Trailex trailer models

Wishing (again) for an <edit post> button...

Either ought to do Just Fine for a 10' LUS.

Given my experiences with a 250-S and my 17' Waterlust I'd think you might be best served with the shorter trailer length.

These trailer's aren't hinged so launch / recovery with a 10' hull I'd expect to put a lot of either trailer into the water than with my 17' canoe; smaller wheels may be an advantage if only by the 1" difference (as the hull sees it) if perhaps not so much for bearing and tire life. 

RE: Trailex trailer models

Thanks SP!  I completely missed the torsion suspension in the description.  Looks like the pictures of the CLC model are outdated, since it appears they have leaf springs in the photos.  Together with the larger wheels and aluminum fenders, that's probably enough to justify the extra cost.

But as you imply, the CLC version of the trailer may be longer than ideal for a short boat like the Swift.

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