BIG & TALL Kayak...big feet too !!!

Good day to all the fine builders-

   I'm ready to build again, Its been 2 years since my last big project & wanted to look at something a little bit different, why not find a Kayak design to fit me..That shouldnt be too hard right ? 6'6, 400# size 16 shoe...thats the kicker the shoe size... I want to build a strip planked kayak & if you know me I dont mind changing up the design slightly to "fit" my needs. So the question is...

    Whats right for me? The High Cap Great AUK.. with a slight tweek for my feet? Perhaps the Wood duck hybrid? 

  Let me know your thoughts -

     Thanks Bubba Tango-  Yeah that guy - BubbasTango18

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RE: BIG & TALL Kayak...big feet too !!!

That's a tall order, Bubba. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anyway, I also have foot size issues. Although I've only got size 12s, they're wide. When I was a kid the guy at the hometown shoestore used to call me the kid with the square feet. What I've found is that the CLC shoe sizes are optimistic for me. My 12 extra wides barely fit into the WD12 which is supposed to accommodate 14s. I don't know how wide your feet are, but that's something to keep in mind.

The other thing is that for the WD series at least, the hybrids have less room under the deck because they don't have that side panel which gives the tumblehome.

I think that the best thing for you is to see if you could actually try out some of your candidate boats. I don't suppose you live close to any of the CLC demo events?

Good luck,




RE: BIG & TALL Kayak...big feet too !!!

Hi Bubba, 

based on your measurements, i would consider the mill creek 16.5 (450# max)  and the wood duck double (400#) or the wood duck14 hybrid (400#) but build it with an open cockpit (like thr the wood duck double).

at 400 lbs, one thing you may find challenging, is a regular sized sea kayak cockpit.  so i am not sure a great auk high volume would do the job though it can handle the weight.

for a regular size 'covered' sea-kayak cockpit, you need to be relatively flexible and think about how you will get in/out of the boat.  the designs i am highlighting above can be built with an open cockpit taking the foot room part of the problem off the table.  they are great paddling kayaks and easy for larger folks to get in/out of which is important.

a boat that is not easy to get in/out of won't get used a lot.  i once built a boat with an eskimo style small round cockpit....and quickly removed it from my fleet becuase it was such a hassle to get into.  i don't build anything that i cannot sit in and then pull my legs in.  otherwise, you have to sit on the back of the coaming/deck, put your legs in and then slide into the seat.  the pressure of this technique can break coamings.....and i have done that before too.  so i really think an open cockpit design is something to consider.

you could probably do something like that on the great auk high volume (modify it with an open cockpit) if you want a very high performance boat (note its 18 feet long).

anyway, those are my thoughts.  i also agree with laszlo, the best thing is to try one on.  your dimensions are not typical so it will be challenging working from the catalog as you are not the typical design target.



RE: BIG & TALL Kayak...big feet too !!!

   @Laszlo yes indeed on being close to CLC, being fortunate to working in Annapolis lol, so the event this weekend might be just what i need. 

@hspira The story of my life being able to get in & out of tight spaces.

hence why i dont own a sports car   " i don't build anything that i cannot sit in and then pull my legs in."  I appreciate your thoughts & comments 

I wonder if I should just consider building something that others can enjoy & just have the pleasure of buiding it.

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