Refinishing and Painting Bottom

Hi Guys, I built my WD12 about 5 years back and I'm now in the process of refinishing. I've sanded, added a coat of epoxy, added a reinforcing strip of glass on the bow and stern bottom edges, etc, etc..  I'm planning to paint the bottom in hopes it will hide a lot of imperfection.  Does that work?  Also, I'm having second thoughts on my plan to use black for the fear it will attract heat when I have it upside down in the truck.  I prefer the way black looks, but is white a better choice to keep it cool? 
Also, do you varnish back over the paint? Thanks in advance for all your input.







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RE: Refinishing and Painting Bottom

Paint does indeed hide a multitude of sins. As with anything, the key is in the preparation. Fairing and smoothing the bottom is what gets rid of all the imperfections. Paint itself is too thin to fill holes, cracks and depressions.

For absolute perfection, put on a layer of fairing compound (epoxy and phenolic microballoon mix or some commercial premade stuff) and use a longboard to sand it. Once it's fair and smooth apply the paint.

Or you can decide that the fish don't care what your boat's bottom looks like, sand off the worst of the bumps, paint it and go paddling.

No varnish is needed over paint. Paint is essentially pigmented varnish.

My WD has a coating of epoxy/graphite mix to help handle the scratches from rocks, shells and concrete ramps. I transport it right side up and solar heating has never been a problem. Don't know what upside down would do. Black paint would look about the same.

Have fun,




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