Kayak sailing rig broken dagger board

 While sailing on Lake Keowee,SC with my CLC kayak sailing rig in moderate winds ( 15+ mph) I encountered some rolling waves which caused the swing down dagger board to snap at the bracket resulting in loss of upwind capability. I made a downwind run to an accessible beach and was able to get off the lake without incident. Has anyone experienced e this? I am looking replace the dagger board with a reinforced version. .. graphite cloth probably. Any suggestions? Chris

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RE: Kayak sailing rig broken dagger board

   I read an account of a builder who added the SailRig to his Chesapeake 17, I think, and who had the same problem while sailing from Los Angeles to Catalina island.  He encountered rolling seas and snapped his leeboard off at the bracket.  When I added the SaikRig lll to my Wood Duck 12, I reinforced the leeboard by epoxying two pads of 6 mm ply, roughly 6" square, to the top of the leeboard (one on each side) and shaped them to match the hand cutout and outside contour of the board, and spaced the mounting brackets to allow for that.  Since then, I've had it out in 15 knots with the leeward ama completely buried the whole time with no issues, although I didn't encounter large rolling seas at the same time.  So far, it's worked. 

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