Dropped boat fiberglass repair

So yes, after our first outing with my newly refinished kayak, I dropped it on the corner of my jointer bed.

Annoying but no big deal. She's 15 and has seen her share of dings. Ha, you can even see the salt rime I didn't wipe down.

Here's how I repaired the damage.

This takes you to my Flickr page. Click the thumbnail to see the images big and read the captions.

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RE: Dropped boat fiberglass repair

Looks like a heck of a lot of work just avoid a 3" piece of duct tape. :-)

Seriously, though, what'd you do about the internal damage?



RE: Dropped boat fiberglass repair

   Don't know yet Laszlo. I'll dig into it today. Initial plan is to slice or grind off the damage, fill with thickened epoxy and patch as with outside. It's well forward and hard to reach, power tools are the order of the day for the never to be seen interior fix.



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