Southwester Dory Mizzen Placement

I suspect this post will be DOA, but here goes... ;) 

Has anyone placed the mizzen farther back and made it smaller, perhaps a "leg-o-mutton" sail, similar to what one sees on a lug-rigged Caledonia Yawl?  If so, any negative affects on how the boat performs? 

I'd like to have more open space space in the boat, but keep a mizzen, and it seems this arrangement might do the trick.




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RE: Southwester Dory Mizzen Placement


Been watching this thread for replies.... (I just went to access the line drawings for the SWD and the Waterlust canoe I built, to reference the following, but they both seem to be off-line for some reason.)

I can see why the SWD cockpit is a bit cramped, what with the board trunk and a motor well taking up space. Putting the mizzen mast at the back of that motor well then hanging a balanced lug sail on it might compromise some of what space there is in the cockpit.

Moving the mizzen aft to my thinking has two considerations: need for a subdstantial mounting for the mast and reducing the mizzen sail area to account for the increased leverage (that) moving the mast further aft will effect.

I was hoping to compare the open cockpit areas of the SWD and my Waterlust by overlaying their respective line drawings but that will have to wait. My Waterlust's cockpit is rather cramped with the Mirage drive well forward of the d'board slot, and the mizzen itself is well aft of the cockpit yet rigged with a balanced lug sail too the forward postion of that can sweep the deck just aft of the cockpit.

If you can engineer a solid way to support a relocated mizzen mast and also work out a functional layout for the control lines I don't see why moving the mizzen mast aft can't be done. If you can reef your current mizzen that should be enoough to reduce sail area and the lever effect of moving its center further aft. If you go this route let us know how it works for you please.


RE: Southwester Dory Mizzen Placement

   Thanks for the response!  I'm getting to the point in my build where I can make that mod, may include both steps for the mizzen so I can play around to see which works best.

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