Buying small amount of epoxy

I need to bond the cheeks on my daggerboard and coat it with epoxy. Is there something in the hardware store that would work? I don't want to buy too much as it will go to waste but I also want a product that won't fail over time. Suggestions?

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RE: Buying small amount of epoxy

Depends on the hardware store. In Annapolis there is a Home Depot which carries WEST epoxy products. If you live near somewhere that's really boaty you might find the same.

You could also try ACE Hardware. They tend to have non-mainstream stuff like marine epoxy in small quantities. West Marine carries small repair kits that could let you avoid the shipping charges if they're local.

If your joinery is good and you have not coated the surfaces with epoxy yet, you could glue them with Titebond II, then paint everything with epoxy to waterproof it.



RE: Buying small amount of epoxy

its frustrating....even a west system 105 repair kit is a $48. item.

the smallest regular kits on the CLC site are going to set you back $70 for the smallest quanties they sell (e.g., a quart and half quart of resin and hardener)

fwiw, there are a lot of builders around who have epoxy inventory and would probably be happy to meet you and let you borrow a couple pumps of hardener and resin to do this little job.   i have done it a couple times for friends in need of small repair work.

maybe if you share your city/state somebody will be happy to help.  if you are in the washingto DC area, i can spare a couple pumps of MAS.



RE: Buying small amount of epoxy

   I hadn't thought of getting some from a fellow builder. I see two part epoxies in small tubes at the hardware store for under $10. It comes in clear. I don't know if alll epoxies are the same. Is it marketed to different people under different price points but in reality is the same stuff? I'm in Minneapolis if anyone has some extra they want to move on.




RE: Buying small amount of epoxy

   I should also mention that I'm eager to meet like minded people in my area. I haven't sailed the passagemaker yet and would be interested in seeing other people's work. 

RE: Buying small amount of epoxy


You know the MAS folks are really close to you?

275 Bridgepoint Way South St Paul, MN 55075       1 (800) 755-8568

Give 'em a call, maybe they can fix you up with a smallish kit for what you want to do. Or get you in contact with someone local who might share their stash with you.

You get started with this stuff it's a good idea to keep some on hand for doing all kinds of things you never thought about until you got used to what it can be used for.

RE: Buying small amount of epoxy

you need to stick with proper marine epoxy.  the devcon 5 minute epoxy from the link above is water resistant and will quickly come apart when exposed to moisture/water.

i happen to know from experience from a long time ago.

in my experience you are not going to find this in the regular hardware store....


RE: Buying small amount of epoxy

   here is a small kit that looks like it would work and only costs $20 ish...



RE: Buying small amount of epoxy

h is correct on this, the hardware store stuff isn't what you want to use for a permaent solution.

That $21.99 kit is intriguing but as Defender's in CT the shipping wlll push the cost to $45 or more. (Don't ask how I know this....)

This outfit:

Wood From the Hood (Wood and epoxy supplier)

2616 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406

6125810252     Mon - Fri 9am-3pm

- is shown on MAS's website as maybe the closest retail outlet to the OP in MN, literally a few blocks from the headquarters of MAS itself. Were I him I'd try there first, maybe save the shipping costs and time involved. Certainly worth a phone call.


RE: Buying small amount of epoxy

   A small amount of Epoxy on the dagger board.......... 

OK, lets not forget you need some  alcohol to clean the surface, sand paper to prep the surface, epoxy to "glue" it, maybe glass to reinforce it, cups and chip brushes to mix and apply and varnish/paint to cover the epoxy and shield it from the sun damage.   (when out of the slot) 

And all that you have to repair it so it still fits in the slot. 

Nothing is cheap if done right.  If done cheap it is likely to be a disappointment. 

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