interior with keel

Those of you who built a boat with a strong deep keel, how did you handle the inside? With a "crack" inside things get caught,fishing gear debris, and the fiber glass must have been difficult to apply.  Did you builts a "deck" to flatten it out? If so did you put a center "ridge" to support it? Did you add it before or after the fiber glass? did you coat it with resin on the inside?

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RE: interior with keel

It would help a lot if you could give us a specific model that you're talking about so we could see what you mean by a "crack".

I can't think of any of CLC's boats that have the kind of keel you seem to be asking about except the Gislinge Boat replica.

Is this the kind of thing you're talking about? Or do you mean something like a deep vee-bottom?



RE: interior with keel

   A deep vee bottom

RE: interior with keel

Deep vees are not a problem when glassing the inside as long as you put a fillet at the apex. All the fillet needs to do is provide support for the glass cloth so that it doesn't exceed its minimum bend radius, so the filet can actually be rather shallow and narrow, depending on how acute the vee is and the weight of the cloth.

A good way to accomplish this is by making or selecting a tool of the correct radius, putting a blob of epoxy/woodflour putty into the vee and dragging the tool through it while pressing hard enough that the tool rides on the wood.

For 6 oz, or lighter, cloth a US nickel has the correct radius. Heavier cloth will need bigger coins. I use 2 plastic putty knives - the round one to make the fillet and the flat one to clean up the squeezeout.

Floorboards are generally used to flatten the vee where desired for the small boats that we build. Decks are for much larger boats. The boards do need to be supported somehow. Usually its on a frame that is designed into the boat. Here's how it's done on the Lighthouse Tender:

All wood that will be exposed to water must be coated with epoxy.

Hope this answers your questions,



RE: interior with keel

   thanks, it helps

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