passagemaker - fiberglassing procedures.

Hello Builders!

My first attempt at fiberglassing the interior bottof om my PMD was not so good, So glad I started with only one bay!

I'm looking for advice so my 2nd attempt goes better.

1) What do you use to cut the cloth?  I've tried both scissors and razor knife... both leave the cloth frayed like cut-off jeans.  How did they get such clean cuts for the manual?

2) What kind of tape are you using between #1 and #2 panels?  I used blue painters tape and it's just too flimsy.  (Nothing a few 30 minute cleanup sessions won't fix).

3) Did you wait for the structural fillets to completely dry?  It seems to me this would be easier than what I did (fumbled to smooth the cloth but not bust up the semi-sort fillets on the transom).

Anything else?



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RE: passagemaker - fiberglassing procedures.

Answering my own question #1 - found a good video on squaring off fiberglass... and cutting straight with a rolling cutter.

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