Ridding final paint finish of tiny bumps?

I paint with Interlux Brightsides, 1 part enamel paint, roll & tip. My shop is conditioned and I'm pretty good about keeping it clean (i.e. mininum dust). I'm getting a good smooth paint finish after several coats but I still wind up with what I'm assuming is dust contamination. Rub your hand across the surface and the tiny bumps feel like grit. The density of them is not terribly bad. In other words, it's not at all like rubbing your hand over sandpaper. But still, it's there and not insignificant. 

First question...I'm just assuming it's dust (as opposed to air bubbles, etc). If anyone has an idea it could be otherwise, I'd love to hear the thought.

Second question...Assuming is IS dust, I am going to do a major shop clean, let the air settle for a couple of days and try another coat. But...I'm wondering if this is simply par for the course for anyone not painting in a clean room type situation. And if so...is there a way to polish this grit out of the final coat without marring the surface? 

Thanks for any suggestions or simply commiseration. 


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RE: Ridding final paint finish of tiny bumps?

Hi Martin, 

sounds like dust to me.....just hard to tell how bad it really is.  i have done briteside finishes and upon really close inspection, have dust imperfections.

if you had classic contamination - you would be getting crackling or some other effect like holes or obvious bubbles.

for me, in addition to a clean shop, time of day (e.g., early morning or late evening when there is no win) or after rain has cleared the air of pollen have sometimes helped.  

while i have not personally buffed out briteside, and apparently not recommended by the manufacturerer, there are those who said they did it and got great results.



RE: Ridding final paint finish of tiny bumps?

   Just a matter of note I have buffed Progressive plus, and captains varnish with great results. Sand with 1500 last before using polish compound, make sure you do not see any sanding swirl marks.  I have learned unless you have a negative air room, dust and bugs, are part of the process.  If you don't have an right angle grinder with a 7" or 8" pad you can rent one.  Makes the job much faster. The process is fas,t you are just taking the dust off not he varnish.

RE: Ridding final paint finish of tiny bumps?

   Thanks to you both! I'll try buffing at least, can't see how it'd hurt bad enough that another coat couldn't fix.

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