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Hey CLC,

 Pretty neat site you got here. Every time I look around I find something else interesting. I particularly like the gages at the bottom of each boat page that tell of performance, tippiness, ease of building, etc. Very nice feature. In fact I haven't found anything I don't like, but hey, give me a chance!

 Looking forward to hearing what other's think.

George K

p.s. I don't miss HT4K at all!!

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RE: New site

There, I now account for 33% of all posts to the new forum :-)

Is there a spell-checker? Can we edit our posts after the fact (like if we say something about Texas that we end up regretting)?

 I guess I'll go wandering around and see what I can find.



RE: New site

Just wanted to try the link feature....


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---ooO-(_)-Just a testOoo---

RE: New site


 I have been using IEspell for years.  I like it. 


Better, but....look at all the wasted space.  The blue trim should be given to the text window.  I prefer functional over pretty.  It is better than the old.


"Compare Boats" Feature

Matt brewed up this really cool feature:  Compare Boats

Makes it simple to compare a group of boats against each other.

RE: New site

where do I go to find out my questions about boat building?

RE: New site

>>>where do I go to find out my questions about boat building?

Well, post your questions right here on this forum.  Or send us an email on this form.  Some general stitch and glue tips are here.

RE: New site

OK..maybe I am having a brain freeze...where did all the post go??

there used to be  a whole of questions that I would look thru..

and I was able to search

RE: New site


Your brain is fine. The old posts are being put into the archive. You get to them by going to the main builders' forum page and clicking on the forum archive link in the top right corner of the forum pane.

I believe that CLC is still in the process of gathering the old posts do you won't see the recent ones for a bit. Also, the display format has changed so things will look different.

I haven't found the search button yet, either.



RE: New site

I found something...

When viewing replies to a post, I see the initial post on top, then subsequent posts ordered last to first.  This is somewhat confusing as people reading replies will see them in reverse order (while scrolling down the page).

Also, it's kind of difficult to get to the Builders Club.  I don't see a link to it on most pages.  Someone entering into the realm of boat building might find customer experiences valuable, so it would be nice to make it more accessible.

 Other than those two small gripes, this is a great site!  Good job!

RE: New site

The overall website is great.  But I was hoping for an improvement in the forum software.  This format was cool 10 years ago.  You will soon find it near worthless.  How can you see new postings.  Categories?  There is so much good free software out there and you settle for the worst.


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