West River 18 vs Cheasapeake 17 LT

I'm about to order my first kit and am trying to decide between the West River 18 and Cheasapeake 17 LT.  This will be my first boat.  No experience, although I have pretty good workworking skills and a complete shop.  Any recommendations which to choose?  I live on a small lake (200 acres) and will only be using the boat for cruisng around the lake.

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RE: West River 18 vs Cheasapeake 17 LT

I've built both. The CH17 is easier to build and more stable for beginning paddlers due to its hard chine bottom. The WR is faster and slightly tippier (is that a real word?). The cockpit is smaller in the WR and it can't hold as much gear but that shouldn't be a problem for just cruising around on the lake. Both are a fun build and I suspect after you finish one you'll build the other anyway. That's the way this stuff goes.

George K

RE: West River 18 vs Cheasapeake 17 LT

The Cheasapeake is easier to build and probably a better starter even if you are an experienced woodworker. That said, I'm building both simultaniously and while I wouldn't recommend that, both seem to be coming along just fine. When my friends see them, they're amazed, but I see the flaws. I wouldn't change the way that I'm doing things, but I do feel that if I had built the 17 first, the WR would be closer to perfection. Their still both really fantastic so go for what you want. Just make sure you have a really sharp plane.

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