New kayak on shopcam?

Looks like you guys are building a strip built of some type. Is it an existing design? Sometihng new? Inquiring minds want to know. :) 


Thanks. :)

-- James

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RE: New kayak on shopcam?

Hi, just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and answer the question at hand. The boat, it's a Night Heron Hybrid High deck. Hoping to add it to the demo fleet upon completion. Me, I can't wait to paddle one. I've been admiring the Night Heron for quite some time and jumped at the chance to complete this one. 

As for me, I'm new at CLC, but some of the "old timers" here may remember me by my old name, J.Schott. John gave me this incredible opportunity and here I am. Looking forward to meeting and talking to all of you. It's good to be back part of the forum. Cheers!

RE: New kayak on shopcam?


Welcome back! I was wondering if this was the case when I saw John's note that you were going off to a show to represent CLC. Neat! If you're around on Saturdays we'll probably run into each other sometime. Usually I only get to bother Mark & Matt. Otherwise, see you at O-fest. Now if Kurt would just lose his fear of snow...



RE: New kayak on shopcam?

ok, now I'm really confused. There's something on the shopcam with some neat design, but I guarantee it wont hold water. What are the ornate pannels for?

RE: New kayak on shopcam?

Looks like part of a new style of kayak stand.

George K

RE: New kayak on shopcam?


Those are all boat racks for displaying boats at shows.  Canoecopia in Madison, WI is next week.



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