I'm thinking of getting a handheld marine radio . I'm looking at the Icom ic-m34. Any opinions?

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RE: Radios

I have an Icom radio that I bought about 10 years ago that I use mostly on my power boat. I charge it once at the begining of the season and it still has most of the charge at the end of the season. I would buy another Icom radio in a heartbeat (that is if I ever needed one, since it looks like this one is a lifetime radio.)

RE: Radios

ICOM ROCKS!!! no seriously, been using them on the water and in the air for over 20 years, I agree with Rick, in a heartbeat.

On a side note, the new digital radios have GPS build in so that if (hopefully never) you make a distress call, it will transmit your coordinates and anyone with a similar digital radio will not only recieve your call but know exactly where you are.  That is my next radio.

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