End pour

It looks like we're going to have another warm day here so I am going to drag the boat outside for the first time and do a vertical end pour.

The question is...how much epoxy should I mix? It's a Shearwater 17 hybrid and I plan to use some wood flour as the additive.

...pictures to follow 

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RE: End pour

well, I used about what the directions called for...about 8 oz per end. I could have used less in the bow

RE: End pour

The glorious vista of dirt making its re-appearance! A launch can't be all that far away. Good riddance to the white stuff! Looks like the snow did a number on that poor tree on the left. Wnnder if that can be turned into strips for your next boat.

Sort of impressive when you get your boat up on its end like that, isn't it? What's really neat is just how light something that long is.

Enjoy Spring,



RE: End pour

We had a nasty storm here last week....lots of trees/limbs down. Much firewood for next winter.

Yeah, the dang thing is as tall as my house. Not sure of the weight tho...still adding stuff. It's manageable so far

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