Skerry Oarlock Risers

Hi Everyone,

I will make a pair of oarlock risers for the Skerry that I'm building. I have a few questions that I hope the forum can help me with. I'm using the top mount oarlock sockets from CLC. The inwale and outwales are 5/8" with 1/2" spacers and of course, the 1/4" plywood hull.

-What thickness should the risers be? I'm assuming at least as thick as the sockets are deep. 

-How wide and long should the risers be?

-Should they be affixed via nut & bolt, epoxy, screws or combination thereof?

-Should I recess the top of the socket? (the rectangular portion that contacts the oarlock)


Thanks to everyone for all you help and suggestions. I find the people and information on this forum invaluable. 



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RE: Skerry Oarlock Risers

I just finished rebuilding a small rowboat I built in 1975.  In the re-build, I glued plywood together, on edge and used bronze top mounted sockets.  It seems CLC has had a design problem , with their risers splitting.  In fact, I was unable to demo their Passagemaker Dinghy this last Summer due to BOTH starboard side risers broken.  VERY DISAPPOINTING.  I'll try to attach a photo or two of my resolution to this problem.   Tugbruce

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