OkoumeFest 2011 

OkoumeFest Small Boat Festival - On the Beach
We have over the last few years settled into a steady schedule for OkoumeFest, because it's simple, fun, and it works.  On Friday, we throw open the factory for tours, seminars, food, and drink, then Saturday repair to the beach to play in boats.  No major changes this year, although we were glad that the paint on the new shop dried just in time so we had room for the crowds.  Here, Eric Schade is leading a seminar on how to build a Greenland-style paddle.  Like any good cooking show, Eric had several paddles finished to different stages so he could get through the whole process in an hour.
Making Greenland-style Paddles with Eric Schade at OkoumeFest
Eric's little brother, Nick Schade, led a fiberglassing seminar.  He was using one of the innumerable Kaholo 12-6 SUP prototypes, and he's applying 4-ounce fabric.
Fiberglassing Like a Pro with Nick Schade at OkoumeFest

Two of the CLC people named Matt made mountains of hamburgers and brats and just about anything else that could be seared on a grill.
Grilling at OkoumeFest
The smell of the chow being far too seductive for those attending seminars in the shop, our own David Fawley moved his varnishing demo to the chow tent.
 Marine Varnishing with David Fawley at OkoumeFest
Buried in the crowd here is John Harris's 31-foot sailboat project, a proa.  In this photo he's standing in the cockpit of the proa, giving a slide show explaining exactly why he's building such a boat.  An interesting project;  you can read more about it here.
Proa Tour with John Harris at OkoumeFest
Last year:  too much wind.  This year:  rain.  No matter.  It didn't seem to deter the folks camping overnight, or the throngs who drove from all over to check out the boats.  By 0900 on Saturday morning there must have been 50 wooden boats on the beach.  There were about 220 signed waivers for getting out on the water.
 OkoumeFest Small Boat Festival at Matapeake Beach
As usual, there were some sneak peaks of new boats to come.  This is the final version of CLC's Adirondack Guideboat kit, designed by Eric Schade.  We're still fiddling with the oarlock location, but otherwise we're delighted with it.  Watch for that one this summer.
 Eric Schade Guideboat at OkoumeFest
Our colleagues Bill and Matt Cave (father and son) toiled night and day to have the new Nymph 12 canoe ready, but it just wasn't quite there.  Nick Schade, the Nymph's designer, did bring his impossibly light 10-footer, however.  
Nymph Canoe at OkoumeFest
Bill Woodard launched his Guillemot L on Saturday, here evidently being shadowed by some manner of sea dog.
Guillemot L at OkoumeFest
We didn't catch the name of the builder who brought this simply exquisite Night Heron.  Alas, he left early. Look at the gloss on that finish!
 Night Heron at OkoumeFest
Our friends Glynna and Emily pitched in at the registration desk.  Thanks again!
CLC Staff at OkoumeFest
The view from above the beach sometime during the day Saturday. It was pretty calm---not quite enough for the sailors.
Activity at OkoumeFest
Once again we had model boat kits for the kids, always a big hit.
Kids Boats at OkoumeFest
A few of the young boatbuilders showing off their creations.
Kids Boats at OkoumeFest
While we missed the wind, we didn't miss the surf breaking on the beach, which was great for model boating.
Launching Kids Boats at OkoumeFest
We couldn't keep the kids, with their innate sense of balance, off of the Kaholo SUP.  It was fun to watch.  We never worried about the kids on the Kaholo, but we did gently suggest that adult Kaholo paddlers leave their cellphones ashore....
 Kaholo Stand-Up Paddleboard at OkoumeFest
Joey Schott, CLC Sales Manager, completed a lovely Petrel this Spring, and it hardly ever touched shore.
Paddling the Petrel at OkoumeFest
There was enough wind to keep a steady stream of sailors heading out to PocketShip for a ride.
 OkoumeFest 2011